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Lemur is a MIDI en OSC controller app, I use it on iPad and Android tablets as a controller for Cubase, my RME soundcards and Windows control (starting programs, open/close folders). I spend quite some time on this, I am not a computer programmer.

I posted some solutions for problems on the “lemur user library”, you can find this links here too, maybe they are of use to someone:

Faders en buttons for Cubase: a template with a fader with extensions, (dubbelclick = set to 0db, “fine” button), and some buttons with special functions.
Lemur website buttons for cubase

Cubase Solo/Listen button:
I’ve been pleeding on the Cubase forum for years to get this propperly implemented, an engineer simply can’t do his job without PFL or AFL, sometimes you need to be able to check the sound without disturbing the musicians. I’ts incredible, but until now there is no DAW exept Cubendo that has this feature. Pitty is that in Cubendo it is complicated to switch solo modes if you use more than 1 “Mackie control” , and that there is no visual indication of the state of things. My button for Lemur solves this, also see the Lemur forum about this:
Line Forum

JB Geluid Jurmix Solo/Listen button