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A selection of my work that I like best:

Live instant composing sessions by the Numoonlab Orchestra and special guests: Benjamin Herman, Tony Allen, Omar Ka, Kain The Poet, Colonel Red, Ursula Rucker, Jon Hassell, Anthony Joseph, Dwight Trible, Issa Sow, Sabrina Starke, Marc de Clive Lowe, Bembe Segue. 100% improvisation.

Recorded live at Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam, the Netherlands December 13-15th 2007 (FOH mix).

All music composed by Hanyo van Oosterom & Michel Banabila, except Byzantium by Van Oosterom / Banabila / Catalpinar, Bamboo Dreamhouse by Van Oosterom / Banabila & Derwort, and Siyare by Van Oosterom / Banabila / Guije. Produced by Hanyo van Oosterom aka The Flying Dutchman for DAM (Dutch Ambient Music)
Final mix and mastering by Jurgen Brouwer at Studiohome.
1997 © Steamsounds publishing / Steaming Soundworks.
released 15 May 1997

“Byzantium” on Bandcamp

A selection of albums I mixed for the Numoonlab collection:
“Numoonlab on Bandcamp”

Previously released as “HOW” on cd, 1997.
Produced by Hanyo van Oosterom (aka White Eeagle Jones) and Willem Cramer.
Final mix and mastering by Jurgen Brouwer at Studiohome.

“WOW” on Bandcamp

Music For Zen Radio
Recorded and produced between 1999 and 2001 by “the flying dutchman” Hanyo van Oosterom (aka White Eagle Jones) at Numoonlab Studio, Rotterdam, the Netherlands,
Final mix and mastering by Jurgen Brouwer at Studiohome.

“Music For Zen Radio” on Bandcamp

To The Core
Original recordings from 1999/2000, tracks taken form the albums “Trip To The Core” and “Pathfinder” by The Flying Dutchman. Produced and recorded by Hanyo van Oosterom.
All instruments & additional vocals by Hanyo van Oosterom, Vocals by Ndromeda (Ciska Ruitenberg), Guitars and voices by Edwin de Herder. Mix and mastering by Jurgen Brouwer at Studiohome.

“To The Core” on Bandcamp

Numoonlab Orchestra Live
released 12 September 2012
Instant composing sessions with the Numoonlab Orchestra, featuring special guests: Ursula Rucker, Dwight Trible, Jon Hassell, Anthony Joseph, Kain the Poet, Joseph Bowie, Colonel Red, Benjamin Herman, Omar Ka, Issa Sow, Luanda Casella, Sabrina Starke * 100% improvisation.. (FOH mix).

“Numoonlab Orchestra Live” on Bandcamp

Recorded live on a Teac 4-track cassettedeck in 1985 at a farm in Moordrecht. Mixed and mastered to PCM/Betamax by Jurgen Brouwer. Kuhl II (bonustrack) was recorded live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam.
CHI is: Hanyo van Oosterom (bass, guitar, piano, percussion, synth), Willem Cramer (loops, sequences, percussion, guitar), Koos Derwort (bamboo flutes, clarinet and mouthsounds), Michel Banabila (organ, percussion and found objects), Sound treatments by Jurgen Brouwer, Video by Fyko van Leeuwen. Previously released by Staalplaat/Container Music.

“Chi” on Bandcamp

Other artists:

Idrissi BB Mix
From Arhil, released 01 June 2000
Ali Idrissi ; vocals / Erkan Oğur ; ebow guitar / Edu Calicher ; el. guitar, wah wah / Hans Greeve ; drums / Michel Banabila ; sampler, synth, loops / Yasar Saka ; add. recordings / Jurgen Brouwer at JB Studiohome ; mix & treatments.

Red Planet
From Arhil, released 01 June 2000
Ali Idrissi ; vocals / Frank vd Kooij ; bass clarinet sample / Hans Greeve ; drums / Remko Deyl ; bass / Yasar Saka ; add. recordings / Michel Banabila ; sampler, voder, percussion, organ / Jurgen Brouwer at JB Studiohome ; mix & treatments

Evening Sky ( remix)
Original music from this EP recorded and produced in 1996 @ numoonlab studio, rotterdam the netherlands by Michel Banabila and Hanyo van Oosterom (aka flying dutchman, nucaveman, white eagle jones). Mixed and mastered by Jurgen Brouwer at JB StudioHome.

Ancient stuff:

Michel Banabila, Des Traces Retrouvées 3
Released 01 January 1983. Michel Banabila : Roland S10 sampler, Korg MS20 synth, kalimba, turtle flute (ocarina), voice, piano, percussion, found objects, sipsi, turntable, guitar. Recorded, mixed and mastered to PCM/Betamax by Jurgen Brouwer.

Bamboo Music
Bamboo Music played with handmade bamboo flutes. Bamboo music takes you on a worldwide journey. All instruments & samples produced & recorded by J. Derwort
Recorded on Revox 2 track in 1983. Mixed and mastered to PCM/Betamax by Jurgen Brouwer.