Jurmix updates for Cubase 8

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updated 14-06-2016

Cubase 8 mixer activation solution.
Cubase 8 mixer automated opening and closing of the “channel editor”.
Cubase 8 mixer automated selection of the “channel editor tabs.”.

Cubase 8 mixer activation solution:
Cubase 8 has a new mixer. One of the ongoing problems is that (only) all the “new” mixer features are unaccessible by midi remote or keycoms, when the mixer window is “not activated”. It is also impossible to”activate” it (bring it to front) with a keyboard command or by MIDI control.
This means that you would have to re-activate the mixer window by mouse everytime you have touched another window.
All the “older” mixer functions, accesible trough the generic remote and the “mackie control” are still intact, they just work, even if the mixer is not “in focus”. This makes you wonder what is going at Steinberg..
After some research, I found a solution using “Autohotkey” and “Bome MIDI translator” (both Windows-only programs ..).
By sending a midi command from the Jurmix, which is converted by “bome midi translator” into a keyboard shortcut, that triggers an AutoHotkey script, I can now activate the Cubase 8 mixer window.
After this action, the mouse reverts back to the previous position by a command included in the script.

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Cubase 8 mixer automated opening and closing of the “channel editor” when appropriate:”
What I wanted, is that if you select the Jurmix “mixer”, “pan”, “sends on fader” or “cue sends” buttons, the “Cubase channel editor” is out of the way. I am, after all, engaged in a “mixer function” and want to see the mixer full screen.
Once I am a using a “selected channel function” , I want the “Cubase channel editor” on screen. The Jurmix buttons, “channel”, “insert”, “strip”, “eq”, “sends”, “Quick controls”, “send FX”, “Master FX” and “master” bring the “Cubase channel editor” to front .
The “auto edit on” button on the Jurmix turns this script on or off.

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Cubase 8 mixer automated selection of the “channel editor tabs”:
Another challenge was controlling the new “tabs” from the “Channel Editor” in Cubase; on the left we find the “inserts or insert routing” tab, in the middle it’s “eq or channel strip” and on the right we find “sends or send routing” and “cue sends or cue sends-pan”. It seemed only logical to sync Jurmix and Cubase, so the tabs of the “Cubase Channel Editor” had to be controlled by the Jurmix. This is also achieved in the “from lemur, to bome, to autohotkey” way:

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Here is a realy quick demo, note that I did not use the mouse, I’m only touching the iPad:
(The screencapturing apps interfere with the Jurmix, at some point the music vca fader jumps..)