About Lemur, a controller-app for iPad en Andriod tablets.
Faders and buttons for Cubase, to use in Lemur.
Cubase Solo/Listen button, a free PFL/AFL/SIP switch solution.

Jurmix, a Lemur controller for Cubase:
iPad pic Jurmix 32 channels Dual Ipad

Also check: Jurmix updates for Cubase 8

Some posts I wrote in the Steinberg forum about remote control:
About Cubase and Ipad control
About Lemur Ipad remote for Cubase/Nuendo
How to select the master output by midicontroller
OSC support request

-One of my first projects, a free Touchosc template for Cubase 6:
Download it here for free
JBGELUID screenpic
Some guy at downloaded it,
changed a few things, and called it “his template”.
I contacted him, but he’s still asking for a donation. Oh well..
Download it here without registering..